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Size :
40 cm
50 cm

Product code :12305
hooded Towel
Description: Novelty Hooded Cloak.

Designs: Two different designs.

Colours: Attractive colours

Product code : HT
silicone swim cap with hydro junior goggle

Product code :SIL-2
Huggies Little Swimmers

Disposable Swim Nappy

3 sizes : Small (2-3) Medium (3-4) Large (5-6)

Product code : DN
Uv-Suit 2 piece
Will protect against UVA/VVB rays.
Attractive colours.
Two Piece.

Product code : UVSS2
Uv Suit 1 piece
Will protect against UVA/VVB rays.
Attractive colours.
One Piece .

Product code : UVSS1
Children’s Swim Suits with Blocks or Inflatable Chambers which provide buoyancy for confidence building.
Blocks/Chambers can be removed/deflated as confidence grows.

Sizes: 2-3 yrs, 3-4 yrs, 4-5 yrs.

Product code :SU008
Ideal for Pool & Beach fun
Print graphics

Size: 175mm X 350mm

Product code : 13301
Made of durable rubber,
The shape of toy are send in randomly, but each one are lovely and vivid.
They can float on water and make sound when you squeeze their body

Product code :PI113/4
Swim Ring
Rubber ring for Pool & Beach fun
Cool flame print graphics
Heavy duty handles

Product code :100
Basketball game
Inflatable floating
Basket with Ball

Product code :PG050
Octopus Toss
Large Inflatable base with 4 Rings.

Product code : OCT01
Inflatable base with 4 Rings

Product code : SS01
Manufactured from strong durable PVC.
Designed to allow baby freedom to kick in the water

Product code :11501
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